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Re: OptimizationKit 0.1.2-rc1

Oliver Falk <oliver <at> linux-kernel.at> writes:
> * It's not autotools aware. It's a - sorry, no offense - stupid 
> install.sh....

And where's the problem?

IMHO, the autotools cause more problems than they solve.

It is preferred to have separate compilation and installation steps rather than 
a single install.sh which does everything (even though we can also work with 
the latter, it just means we have to compile it during %install rather 
than %build as expected), and there must be a way to install to $RPM_BUILD_ROOT 
rather than /, but otherwise I don't see what's wrong with homegrown scripts if 
the program is small enough.

Once you have more than one source file, a makefile will serve you better than 
a script though. And if you need a real build system, I'd suggest using cmake, 
KDE switched from autotools to cmake for a reason (more than one, actually).

        Kevin Kofler

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