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Re: very common kernel modules slow down the boot process

On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 19:48 +0000, =?ISO-8859-1?Q? J=F3hann_B._Gu=F0mundsson _ wrote:
> So exactly what, of Alan suggestions are not necessary for a 128MB ( low 
> men machine )
> And how do you come to the conclusion that he's throwing hate at fedora?

First, the post was about less than 512, and my ps3 certainly has less
(256).  A network install using rescue.img (renamed to netinst.iso or
boot.iso partway through the F9 development process) and nfs or http
works fine for me.  I may have to do text or vnc installs, I don't
recall.  Also selecting fewer packages helps, but you want fewer
packages anyway.  For 128 it may get harder, I haven't tried that small
in a while, but that's a far cry from < 512.

> Him recommending other distro, that is more suitable to smaller systems 
> than fedora
> or his bitter experience coming to that conclusion?

Alan likes to drop little hate bombs on Fedora when his pet hardware
doesn't work quite the way he thinks it should.  Regardless of the fact
that he may be one of the few people on the planet using such hardware
these days.  And often times he kicks the drama up a notch or two, just
like in this posting.  His comments were inaccurate and really not
helpful to the situation.

> He's just pointing the obvious..

If only that were true.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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