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Re: KDE4: Some General Comments

Kelly Miller wrote:

> 1)  Um, with the exception of Fedora, every version of KDE4 I've seen now
> has an option for Plasma Theme in Configure Desktop.  Would it be too much
> work to port it here?

Pointers?   References?  

> 2)  Interestingly, Fedora's version of KDE4 seems to be the only one where
> the size option of the panels seems to actually be respected

that should be stock kde-4.0.3 behavior.

> 3)  XSettings-KDE.  Is there going to be any work on getting this to work
> with KDE4? 

Not that I know of. Would be nice to have.

> 4)  Is there a reason Nepomuk is left out?  Just asking.

Nopomuk is kde-4.1 territory.

> 5)  I'm going to have to suggest, after a couple of months, that it might
> be an idea to switch the window manager to something other than KWin
> temporarily.

If you're seeing issues, report them, and work will start to address them. 
I've heard a few folks report similarly, and the common thread in all of
these reports is "NVidia binary driver"... hint hint.

-- Rex

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