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Re: kernel drm bugs and regressions (mga, savage users please test)

Dave Airlie wrote:
I've just tracked down a bug in my code for handling the DRM maps in the
kernel, that was affecting nouveau (running out of vmalloc space) and
radeon (hanging on drmGetLock at startup).
However fixing the bug uncovered a larger bug which is driver specific,
so the initial fixes are in the kernel building as
kernel-2_6_25-0_211_rc8_git6_fc9 in koji,
I'd really like feedback from nouveau, radeon, savage and mga people
that have working DRI now, and to let me know via a bug if the new
kernel regresses that or oopses after 211 in the drm code.
Sorry about this at this late stage, but thats the problem with nasty
bugs :)
I can probably test MGA myself at some point with a PCI card, but savage
hw I have none off.

I was hoping this would fix my i865g freezing on doing any opengl apps (glxgears hard freezes it), as this seems to be a kernel issue (downgrading to 2.6.24 fixes it). Note with both kernels it is not using TTM, so that is not the cause.




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