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Re: python packaging, egg-info file vs. directory

Thomas Moschny wrote:

Recently encountered a problem with the python-demjson rpm I maintain:
The demjson package does not use setuptools, so, in accordance with
the python packaging guidelines, I used the trick of preloading
setuptools prior to executing setup.py, for F7 and F8 only. This
produces an egg-info directory, fine.

Now, for F9, egg-info is generated automatically, but it turns out
that this produces an egg-info file instead of an directory. This in
turn causes problems when upgrading from F8 to F9, because rpm can't
replace a dir with a file.

Any advices on how to solve this?

Do you have a reason to need eggs on F7 and F8?

If not, then the answer is simply to not provide eggs on F7 and F8. Note: If you've already pushed out packages for F7 and F8 you'll need to wait until the next upstream release to make this change.


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