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Re: packages without internet source in fedora

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 12:59 PM, Patrice Dumas <pertusus free fr> wrote:
>  Indeed. That's the point. And then I don't want to force people, but
>  push a model where we collaborate with other distros when reviving dead
>  upstream. I really don't want to mandate something, but help those
>  facing such case with documentation and procedure to lower information
>  barrier and help coordinating with other distros in a case I think it
>  makes sense.

Limit the details of suggestions to just contact the other maintainers
and have a dialog.  No recommendations on how to organize a new
upstream at all.

No matter how its done..its gonna be messy..and its gonna be case by
case. Any policy 'suggestions' beyond talk to the other people in the
same boat is going to come off as heavy handed and distro specific.
Don't even both trying to micro-manage the discussion between the
people who need to organize a new upstream.  The most you can require
of a Fedora contributor is that when they are put into this situation,
they make a best effort to demonstrate that a defacto upstream
location doesn't already exist ( for example, debain's codebase could
be the defacto source repository that other distros are all basing
their package junk on...which would make debian's codebase a defacto
upstream)  And once its clear that a defacto upstream doesn't exist
then all you can ask them to do is hold a conversation with other
maintainers.  You can't make those people get along and all agree to
follow a particular course of action... I wouldn't even go as far as
suggestioning how that conversation should go, and what they talk


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