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Re: pruning the fonts list

Jeremy Katz さんは書きました:
On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 15:57 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
When looking over the LiveCD manifest, and where space is going, I
can't help but notice that a lot of it goes to fonts. Here's the
full list, AFAICT. The number to the left is the size of the package.
I think a good chunk of this could be pruned.

Yes a lot of space in general ends up being used by fonts.  I'd lean
towards saying we should make things optional in comps rather than
making explicit changes to the livecd, though from a maintenance point
of view.  Although I guess if we wanted to do it first on the livecd for
F9 and then in general for F10 via comps, that'd be okay

Well we have argued about this before, but my take now is that we should have Lang Support group parity across Live and standard installs: so either we don't install all the language support groups for Live or we should for standard installs, and then take comps from there.

Personally I would tend towards not installing all language groups for Live and installing some Input Methods by default to compensate, which would leave Live in a similar state to what it is now, but would drop various fonts that are only installed by default for language support groups.


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