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Re: libbind vs. libc & libresolv problems

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 11:42:10 +0100, Andrew Haley scripst:
> What does libbind do that libresolv doesn't?  In other words, why would
> an application writer prefer to link against libbind?

Look at bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=439047 -- ns_* 
functions. According to Ulrych (apparently, heard from two sides) there is 
no value for ns_* functions in non-DNS-server-like applications. 
Unfortunately, it is not true, because for example you need parsing DNS 
answers for all SRV-type searches. So, currently, the situation is that 
all programs which need to parse SRV records, do it themselves. SRV 
records are mandatory for full compliance with Jabber standards (which is 
the reason why bitlbee had this problem), but I found -- and stolen -- 
code for SRV parsing in gnupg as well (apparently hkp servers are sought 
for by SRV records; ).

I think that alternative to what Adam suggests, is to accept the realilty 
than DNS client programs need to parse SRV records and extend glibc for 
some function like res_srvquery, which would return a list of all servers 
with appropriate portnumbers and stuff -- being an equivalent of what all 
client programs do now, but officially supported and provided.


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