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Re: Adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to everyone's path in F10

Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
Debarshi Ray wrote:
 2. 80-90% of programs under */sbin are without any use for normal
   users; mentioned 'ifconfig' + 'route' are called by normal users
   for diagnostic reasons only. This assumes some adminstrative
   knowledge including awareness about the special /sbin paths.

ping is also used for diagnostic uses only, is setuid root and stays
in /bin. One might argue that ping and traceroute also require
"administrative knowledge".

 3. tab-completion will show me a lot of new programs which are for zero
   use. This will slow down my work.

I have over 3150 binaries in my default Fedora path now. The sbin
stuff amounts to 600 more. Come one, that is just a 20% rise.

 4. problems which are tried to be solved can be handled much better at
other places (e.g. modify 'sudo' to search in */sbin, or link commonly
   used programs to */bin)

One has to configure sudo separately. So that is not much of a
usability improvement.


I believe an update to the default /etc/sudoers file adding to the path via env_keep should be doable?


Aparrently, env_keep won't work for this, but it's still doable with standard sudo - it might need additional config options or something though...


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