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Re: Adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to everyone's path in F10

On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 04:43 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 21:58 -0200, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
> > ifconfig, ip, fdisk, chkconfig and a lot of the other examples listed in 
> > this thread, makes perfectly sense to me, but not all.
> Why? Most of them are tools which most ordinary users will never need

 You mean like:

[ ... etc. ... ]

> nor will they be permitted to let them perform actual actions.

 Ahh, so more like:

[ ... etc. ... ]

> Of cause, sysadmins, developers, specialists and the like will find some
> ways to use them as "ordinary users", but ... I really fail why
> extending their personal accounts' $PATH is demanding to much for this
> audience.

 Yeh, I remember using SunOS and setting my own path up based on switch
statements based on hostname ... and I'd like to remember it that way,
as a distant memory.

> Gradually, I am beginning to think, this thread only takes place,
> because this is a developer's list for whom using */sbin tools is their
> day-time job :-)

 Yes, it's a help to those who care and doesn't harm those who don't ...
and this is a negative, why?

James Antill <james fedoraproject com>

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