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fsck "-y", was Re: Adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to everyone's path in F10

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> Well, there are reasons why things are as they are. Of cause, there are
> warts, there are arguable details, nevertheless there are reasons for
> why things are, as they are.

Some things are just wrong, even if they have been wrong for 10 years. The
above is no argumentation for it.

Other example:

I'm sure Ted Tso is happy that he can manually edit ext3fs when he has
an INCONSISTENT FILESYSTEM error too. However for the other million
system adminsitrators that have to drive to the console when the machine
does not come up, not having "-y" in /etc/sysconfig/autofsck also sucks.
It offers them absolutely nothing, since now they have to start fsck with -y

And yes, I've argued this over and over again too.

Another example:

The fact that "cal 5" does not show me the calender for May in the
current yea and month, but the days in the year 5, is and has always been
as useful as square wheels. (At least cal -3

There are reasons some things are as they are. Sometimes those reasons are


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