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Re: Adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to everyone's path in F10

Paul Wouters wrote:
On Wed, 23 Apr 2008, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:

Mike Cronenworth wrote:
No. It will promote proper program installation paths. Right now we
basically have "Security Through Obscurity," which I thought was frowned
upon in our world.
This has exactly nothing to do with security and all to do with minimizing
confusion/complexity for users vs providing convenient access to system tools.

$ ls /usr/bin/|wc -l

$ ls /usr/sbin/|wc -l

Sure. 11% "more complexity" to be exact. And now imagine the enduser needs
to know it's internal IP. NetworkManager doesnt display it. The user
will need to go back to the command line and type "ifconfig" which of
course then has to be "/sbin/ifconfig" (or rather, thanks to the avahi
setup in f9, the user will have to type "ip addr list").

There is no reason to not give users the sbin's, and yes, it is the first
thing I do on a new system too. The second thing is to remove the alias
for cp,rm and mv. Here not the enduser, but the superuser, is protected
against itself. Why not provide "undelete" too :P


The ifconfig argument here is wasted, at least on me, since I agree that ifconfig could be symlinked to /bin. I don't agree, however, to put everything from */sbin/ into */bin/.


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