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Orphaning package


As I get too many conflicts, first with the french translation team six month 
ago, second with some Redhat people, today, with a big head (as several 
people in the french translation team), I make the decision to definitevely 
leave the Fedora Extras Team.
So, as I merged some useful software in Fedora, I hope somebody would continue 
on them.
Most of them are electronics relative.

- fcron [1]
- gputils
- gpsim
- gtk+extras
- kicad
- kbackup
- pikdev
- piklab
- pikloops
- utrac
- tetex-euro-font

Hope I don't miss somebody.
I'll delete also in a few days my man-pages-fr repository, as the Redhat 
packager never consider me again.
And as we say in the french navy: « Bon vent, bonne mer »

No more regards than you give me.

[1] fcron is a better tool than cron and anacron
Les pages de manuel Linux en français

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