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Re: Freeze policy for F9 fixes [was Re: FC9 and NetworkManager]

Mark McLoughlin (markmc redhat com) said: 
> Below is a list of the 246 packages in dist-f9 that have a newer version
> in f9-final - i.e. these builds aren't currently going to make it into
> F9 final.
> It's worth checking that you've had everything tagged that should be
> tagged.

In addition, these are the *new* packages that have no builds tagged
for the final F9 release, but are in dist-f9.

anyremote-4.4-1.fc9	anyremote
biloba-0.6-1.fc9	rafalzaq
bytelist-0.1-0.2.svn6558.fc9	konradm
collectd-4.3.2-8.fc9	rjones
Cython-	nbecker
e16-epplets-0.10-3.fc9	terjeros
eet-1.0.0-1.fc9	stalwart
eg-0.70-2.fc9	jbowes
ezstream-0.5.3-1.fc8	ianweller
fedora-ds-1.1.1-3.fc9	rmeggins
fedora-ds-admin-console-1.1.1-3.fc9	rmeggins
fedora-ds-console-1.1.1-3.fc9	rmeggins
fedora-idm-console-1.1.1-2.fc9	rmeggins
fedorainfinity-backgrounds-0.0.5-1.fc9	mclasen
ffcall-1.10-1.fc9	gemi
freenx-client-0.9-7.fc9	athimm
freenx-server-0.7.2-8.fc9	athimm
fsvs-1.1.13-5.fc9	davidf
ganyremote-2.8-2.fc9	anyremote
gkrellm-timestamp-0.1.4-4.fc9	turki
guilt-0.30-1.fc9	sandeen
hamster-applet-0.2-2.fc9	maxx
imapsync-1.249-1.fc9	mmahut
kstart-3.11-1.fc8	sxw
luadoc-3.0.1-1.fc9	timn
lua-logging-1.1.4-1.fc9	timn
lua-posix-5.1.2-2.fc9	timn
lua-socket-2.0.2-2.fc9	timn
lua-sql-2.1.1-4.fc9	timn
mediawiki-HNP-1.1.2-1.fc8	ianweller
mediawiki-openid-0.7.0-5	athimm
ocaml-gettext-0.2.0-3.20080321patch.fc9	rjones
ocaml-gsl-0.6.0-3.fc9	rjones
ocaml-omake-	rjones
ocfs2-tools-1.3.9-7.20080221git.fc9	mfasheh
pAgenda-3.2-2.fc9	nigelj
perl-Catalyst-Model-LDAP-0.16-3.fc9	sxw
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace-0.07-3.fc9	sxw
perl-Catalyst-View-JSON-0.24-1.fc9	sxw
perl-CSS-1.08-2.fc9	terjeros
perl-Task-Weaken-1.02-2.fc9	sxw
preupgrade-0.9-2.fc9	skvidal
psiconv-0.9.8-1.fc9	huzaifas
pyephem-	mmahut
pyfits-1.3-3.fc9	sergiopr
pyke-0.2-2.fc9	spot
pysvn-1.5.3-1.fc9	ravenoak
python-lzo-1.08-2.fc8	huzaifas
python-mpd-0.2.0-3.fc9	ecik
quicksynergy-0.7-2.fc9	drago01
ski-1.3.2-4.fc9	sharkcz
thunar-shares-0.10-1.fc9	cwickert
tinyproxy-1.6.3-2.fc9	jjh
xfwm4-theme-nodoka-0.1-1.fc9	cwickert


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