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Re: Re: Fedora JeOS?

Please take a look at thincrust.net. We have been looking at some tools which are necessary to make it easier to create,deploy, and manage virtual appliances. One of these items, is a tailored version of the OS (aka a JeOS). What you will see there is a trimmed down kickstart file, but we are interested in investigating other changes which will be appliance friendly such as removing bare metal only modules, and including items like the vm-ware tools.

There are also conversion tools, configuration engines, and a whole backlog of items which we would love help on :).

-- bk

Patrice Dumas wrote:
On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 03:41:32PM +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:
Hi All,

I just read about SLES JeOS and Ubuntu JeOS on the register here

With all the effort that was made for slimming down Fedora for OLPC I
would think we're in a pretty good position to do something similar.
Is there a JeOS planned, or even a SubProject planned for something
like this? I quick wiki search doesn't reveal anything but something
like this with all the virtualisation going on would be cool.

Unless I am wrong, there is already a minimal install spin. But it is
not the same idea than OLPC, since it is exactly the same than classical
fedora, just with the minimal set of packages installed. It is true,
however that OLPC helped removing 'dependency bloat', but some people
already cared.

It should also be mentionned that doing a spin (unless it has changed), though not very well documented is very easy thanks to pungi.

Last think I'd like to mention is that due to how pungi works (and still
if nothing changed) some bloat is currently unavoidable, since the
packages used by pungi/anaconda have to be there, and it includes
packages and dependencies that should not be in a minimal install,
but it is a known issue.


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