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Re: Monodevelop and video card recommedations

2008/4/29 Paul F. Johnson <paul all-the-johnsons co uk>:

Double pronged email this...

1. Can anyone recommend an AGP card which will allow me to run 3D graphics
without using non-GPL drivers? I want to move away from nVidia for the time
being. Nothing against their cards, just that to use 3D, I need to use their

You'd probably need to look at an r300 based ATI card, not the fastest cards available but they are extremely well supported using our free drivers.

2. Monodevelop (rawhide) currently has a problem - no editor. For that to
work, it has to have gtksourceview2-sharp installed. Currently, this is only
available from the Novell ftp site. Not really a problem, nor is the licence.
However, the package will still need to be approved. Given that monodevelop is
pretty useless without the editor, is there a fast track way to get
gtksourceview2-sharp into rawhide?

I'll do the review just add me to cc on the bug report.

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