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iwl3945 driver channel capability


does anyone know what determines the range of channels available with
this driver? I ask after spending some time debugging a network set to
channel 13, where most devices worked fine but the iwl3945 driven
device in the laptop would not scan beyond channel 11.

I understand that there are 11 channels authorised in the USA, 13 in
Europe and 14 in Japan, and that the hardware should be configurable
to support all of them - I'm just not sure where to configure the
iwl3945 driver. There are often 11 or more networks visible where I
live, and there are microwave ovens, bluetooth devices and DECT phones
all sharing the airwaves, so every channel counts.

The iwl3945 website talks about a 'userspace regulatory daemon' which
has been replaced by logic in the firmware. How then do we tell the
firmware which region it is in?

Is there a 'right way' in Fedora to determine how these sorts of
things should be set up? Maybe depend on the time zone?


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