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Re: iwl3945 driver channel capability

Dnia 29-04-2008, wto o godzinie 12:19 +0100, Camilo Mesias pisze:
> Hi,
> does anyone know what determines the range of channels available with
> this driver? I ask after spending some time debugging a network set to
> channel 13, where most devices worked fine but the iwl3945 driven
> device in the laptop would not scan beyond channel 11.

> The iwl3945 website talks about a 'userspace regulatory daemon' which
> has been replaced by logic in the firmware. How then do we tell the
> firmware which region it is in?

  Some time ago I was corresponding with Intel Engineer James Ketrenos
about this issue. I will quote his reply:

The driver and daemon only support the channels for which the specific
card has been configured for use.  There is no user selectable override
of the factory configuration--it is hard coded based on what the laptop
manufacturer provided.

There are various versions of the 3945 with each calibrated to operate
in different geographical locations based on local regulations.  The
laptop manufacturer selects which card to install into the laptop based
on what would be compatible with the geographies they are selling the
laptop into.

  So your card is crippled to 11 channels (like mine) on hardware level.
This is very probably not modifiable in any way.

Tomasz Torcz

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