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Re: Monodevelop and video card recommedations

Paul F. Johnson <paul <at> all-the-johnsons.co.uk> writes:
> 1. Can anyone recommend an AGP card which will allow me to run 3D graphics
> without using non-GPL drivers? I want to move away from nVidia for the time
> being. Nothing against their cards, just that to use 3D, I need to use their
> drivers.

Radeons with at most a R4xx series chipset. In marketing numbers, that's the 
ones without an "X" (e.g. 7000 (R1xx), 9200, 9250 (R2xx), 9500, 9550 (R3xx)), 
the "X" ones up to and including X850 and the "X1050" which is just a reedited 
X300/X550/X600 series card (R3xx series chipset, unlike the X850 which is an 

Careful, the "X" ones are primarily PCI-Express, though there are AGP versions 
of some of them.

WARNING: Stay clear of anything with a higher number than X1050, those are R5xx 
or R6xx series cards and not supported by Free 3D drivers yet. You have been 

        Kevin Kofler

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