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Re: Freeze policy for F9 fixes [was Re: FC9 and NetworkManager]

Mark McLoughlin wrote:

Below is a list of the 246 packages in dist-f9 that have a newer version
in f9-final - i.e. these builds aren't currently going to make it into
F9 final.

It's worth checking that you've had everything tagged that should be

That sounds essential for packages to be shipped on CD or DVD.

For all packages which are NOT shipped on CD or DVD, however, I can't see much difference whether the user's yum downloads the required rpm files from the "fedora" repository or the "fedora-updates" repository.

So, for my non-CD/DVD packages, I don't need to care much about whether a certain package update makes it into f9-final or not, right?

       ndim      xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.2.1-1.fc9
[ My affected package ]

Hans Ulrich Niedermann

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