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Re: Sponsor required

Christopher Aillon wrote:
On 04/29/2008 06:11 AM, Joe Orton wrote:
Hi, Elio Maldonado Batiz has been diligently hacking away at converting the crypto-utils package to use NSS instead of OpenSSL, see bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=346731.

This is a big chunk of work and is now ready to commit; I don't particularly want to play gatekeeper for this, could someone sponsor Elio to join the cvsextras group? Elio's username is emaldonado.

Joe, I think this is a great time to point out that you too can become a sponsor and be able to help with new contributors. It is rather unfair to ask people here to do so since being a sponsor requires a certain level of commitment to helping the sponsoree with problems they may encounter. It seems that you are willing to do that for Elio, and should be his sponsor.

Which is pointing out one very big sore point in Fedora after the merge between core and extras, very little people seem to have been appointed sponsor, certainly something where IMHO FESco is dropping the ball.

I would like to suggest to FESco to put talking about possible sponsor candidates every meeting (in a closed fashion, openness is good, but talking about people skills or lake thereof in public is asking for trouble).

In the pre merger days, I believe that sponsors where voted upon by the current sponsors, or atleast the list of current sponsors was mailed for what they thought of someone who was up for becoming a sponsor, I haven't seen any such mails in a long long time!



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