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Re: is xorg.conf still needed

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 12:52 +1000, Rodd Clarkson wrote:
> I've been running my system for the past week without an xorg.conf file
> and it seems to work well

For a lot of cases, yes, it already does.

> I'm pretty sure that from comments made either on this list or
> fedora-test that we are moving in a direction where the norm will be
> that no xorg.conf file is needed and therefor won't be created.

This is a very strong goal for Fedora 10, at least for me.  There are a
couple of outstanding things that are going to have to be taken care of:
*) Getting the X keyboard layout set based on /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
*) Need to be able to pass arbitrary options for input devices (eg, all
the stuff needed for wacom config)
*) Profit :-)

And there's some ideas on how to deal with both problems, there just
wasn't time left for Fedora 9.

> I'm having discussions with someone about this at the moment and would
> appreciate some clarification on where things are head so that this can
> be addressed at their end.[1]

The right answer here is going to involve an fdi file -- but that's also
then going to require fixing the X server to ask hal which driver to use
rather than the way it currently does


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