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vacation page in the wiki (was: Re: AWOL Maintainer: Krzysztof Kurzawski)

On 11.08.2008 12:45, Rex Dieter wrote:
Andrew Bartlett wrote:
Andrew Bartlett wrote: How so?
I really am going to try to make a good stab at maintaining the
packages I'm proposing for Fedora, but as I won't list my
'Vacations' in public,
I don't mean to pester, but I'm curious.  You have an averstion to
documenting when you won't be available online, why?

I won't publicly document either when I'm on vacation, so I bite and jump into this discussion:

At least here in Germany it sometimes happens that houses or apartments from people that put "we'll marry on <day> at <somewhere> and have a party in the evening <somewhere else>" announcements into newspapers get robbed while they are marrying, partying or while the couple is on honeymoon.

Sure, it's not happening that often, but it definitely happens. Okay, I doubt that any robbers check the vacation page in the Fedora wiki and say "knurd is on vacation now, so let's go an break into his house". But it's possible.

The much bigger problem: If I wanted to get a trojan or something bad into one of the Fedora packages then I'd try that with a package when its owner is on vacation for a while. Chances are way lower then that somebody will notice the evil thing quickly.


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