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Re: Interested in Fedora on Smaller Machines?

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 12:50 -0300, jeff wrote:
Jeremy Katz wrote:
Smaller form-factor machines such as the Asus eeePC have gotten a fair
bit of the tech press spotlight of late.  Have you bought one with the
idea of running Fedora on it?  Or have you thought about doing so?
I've done a few different draft images for the Asus EeePC model 900 that can be put on a USB pen drive then booted and optionally installed. I used livecd-tools to build them.

My goal is that we should be able to run on the systems with stock
Fedora.  Having to do a special spin limits users who get given cds, etc
at trade shows or the like.

For the eee 701/900 i think just about everything is supported in stock f9-updates kernel except wifi. On the 900 with 1 gig of RAM something as large as gnome runs well, but something more lightweight is preferable of course. Once the ath5k driver is there, using NetworkManager is a treat and *really* "just works".

The install requires a USB cdrom or converting a livecd image. I'm doing a somewhat inefficient process of `livecd-creator` --> livecd-iso-to-disk.sh (using git version that can write to /dev/loop) --> `dd` the image onto a USB pendrive then run the anaconda installer from there in livecd mode.

A better way to install on them would be great, I'm just not sure what that is yet.

These are based on BLAG 90k which is based on Fedora 9. The kernel (-libre + -rt) supports all hardware on the EeePC 701/900 using *only* free software. This includes wifi with the ath5k driver. It is based on -libre and -rt plus various other patches.

Luckily, wifi should be in for 2.6.27, although I need to actually try a
newer image on my ar2425 based box.  I'll probably do that when I get
home (since that's where it is)

ar2425 support is in 2.6.27, but I haven't seen the extra patches that are needed for the eee 701/900 (ath5k) arrive there yet. mickflemms' patchset-8 applies without too much hassle.


The Eee 901 and 1000 use a different wifi chip. I haven't seen anything support it other than this from ralink:


There is a small blob in there, but it doesn't appear to actually get loaded so it may not be needed. I haven't heard of any patches for this heading upstream yet.



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