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Re: Interested in Fedora on Smaller Machines?

Rex Dieter wrote:
jeff wrote:

These are based on BLAG 90k which is based on Fedora 9.

I'd personally much prefer if the blag folks work more closely to get such changes into fedora directly.  Anyone aware of blockers preventing this?

I am teh blag.

Occasionally I file bug reports and help out in #fedora. Whenever I do a .spec I mail it upstream for them to include as well. The BLAG packages should generally rebuild fine in fedora's mock, but I don't think the .specs are quite up to your packaging guidelines, haha. And the last "big" project I worked on lead to a bit, um, well...

I'm not sure that fedora would want all the blag/freeeee changes or not, but it may give the project some food for thought, especially the forthcoming freeeee draft which I should have ready this week. Installing 30+ packages with yum, playing video with the camera, mplaying another video, editing files etc, encoding 270 meg song to ogg, pidgin, firefox, etc. all running simultaneously while playing a song with *zero* stutters or dropouts on a teeny little computer. That rules. But doing that requires jack-audio-connection-kit, which I don't think fedora would use as a base--this shows what is possible *out-of-the-box* at least.... (with 100% F___ S_______...)

Various SRPMS here:
and here:

Oh, I also did a crufty offline version of wikipedia with a reader formatted for the 1024x600 screen of the eee 900 (and 901/1000, but i dont have those yet). It is based on the kiwix project.




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