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Re: Need help making syslog-ng, rsyslog, and sysklogd not conflict

>>>>> "DEW" == Douglas E Warner <silfreed silfreed net> writes:

DEW> Ideally syslog-ng would be in EPEL instead of only being
DEW> available from my repository, and as it is I can't ship it due to
DEW> this conflict.

Finding the correct technical solution to the problem in Fedora should
be paramount.  After a good non-hackish solution which folks here
agree upon has been implemented, you can then approach the RHEL

DEW> Last I knew, EPEL was a Fedora initiative.

Keeping reasonable technical fixes for real problems out of Fedora
simply because the EPEL/RHEL interface may have additional issues is
counterproductive.  If the RHEL engineers won't accommodate the
technically preferred solution, then you can raise that issue here or
with FESCo or the board if necessary.  Do you even know that they
object to a reasonable solution?  Have you presented it to them?

 - J<

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