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Re: Interested in Fedora on Smaller Machines?

On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 03:58 -0400, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> definitely nice idea to establish new SIG because small factor computers needs something else than standard laptops/workstations. I think it's not about hardware support. Yes, we need hardware support, but still drivers are only drivers and support of newer hardware is necessary for "notspinned" Fedora too. What is really interesting on these devices and especially what is the genial idea is UI. I like default Xandros on EEE because it's really easy to use it. Nice combination of "big" computer with PDA. Even my mum is able to use EEE without any problems. This is first computer aimed to PEOPLE! If you want to watch your TV, you are not clicking on some "start/gnome/kde" menu, locating TV station, confirming bunch of dialogs. You just turn on the TV! So without some user interface it's just smaller computer, nothing more, nothing less. It's shame from Asus to sell EEE with basic XP installation (and there is already EEE UI for Windows...). 
> So if we want to make small factor computers spin, the right way is definitely to develop something more than just only basic hardware support that should go to standard Fedora repos... 

There's definitely a lot more that can be done, no question.  But given
timing of Fedora 10, I suspect that hardware support is going to be the
best short-term thing.

As far as UI changes -- there's lots of options out there.  As
mentioned, there's the hildon/maemo stuff as well as a number of more
"custom" UI options being done on some of the preloads.  But I think
that perhaps the more interesting thing is actually to get Sugar up and
running -- the XO has a number of similar hardware-related constraints
and it also provides a nice UI for people.  But I think it's a bit more
of an F11 discussion to really sort of settle on something and have a
full-fledged spin


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