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Re: WARNING: Empathy/Haze & MC Profiles Update: Slight Manual Fixing Required

On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 10:36 -0400, Will Woods wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 21:10 -0700, Peter Gordon wrote:
> > On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 20:45 -0700, Peter Gordon wrote:
> > > These should hit tomorrow's rawhide but unfortunately it means that the
> > > profiles have been renamed. I have included a script named
> > > "upgrade-haze-profiles.sh" (installed as documentation) with Empathy
> > > that automagically fixes this on a per-user basis; but this script needs
> > > to be run manually. 
> > 
> > Forgot to add: You may need to install the 'util-linux-ng' package (for
> > the rename tool used in the script). 
> Peter:
> First, thanks for including this. There's quite a few of these types of
> bugs lurking in various packages and it makes me happy when I see
> maintainers actively fighting them.
> That said, I've got two questions:
> 1) What users will be affected? Anyone who's ever installed any version
> of empathy, or only people who have had certain versions installed? If
> the latter, which versions?
> 2) Why couldn't this be done as part of the package's %post script?

Typically we don't try to muck with things in people's ~'s in %post.
Among other things, it's entirely too fragile in the face of network
file systems and/or distributed user databases.

It would be more useful if the UI could notice the existence of an
old-style user profile and invoke the migration script for you.

- ajax

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