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Re: system autodeath

seth vidal wrote:
A friend forwarded me this blog:

and I wondered if it would be something to consider for fedora releases.

This would NOT be as a default, but as a package you can install, if you
wish, to drop the route on your box after whatever expiration date. We
can set the release date in a file in the package and key from there.

If the package was included in a fedora repo we could have it have a
death date of whenever the release started + 14months (some wiggle room
for release slips) for example.

Any thoughts?

I think it is much better to hookup preupgrade with PackageKit so you get notification on your desktop when there is a new release and a easy path to do so. Notifying and encouraging users to upgrade would solve the problem of people sticking to old unmaintained releases in a much nicer way.


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