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Re: Fedora User Certificates

On Friday 22 August 2008 16:20:03 Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> Effective immediately we have replaced the CA that is in use for
> cvs.fedoraproject.org and koji.fedoraproject.org  This effects uploading to
> lookaside cache and building packages.
> rm ~/.fedora-server-ca.cert ~/.fedora-upload-ca.cert
> fedora-packager-setup
> then open your browser got to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption
> -> View Certificates -> Your Certificates
> Select your existing Certificate and remove it
> then import the new one from ~/fedora-browser-cert.p12  you will be able to
> log in to koji

I have tried this procedure and it works with firefox, yet when trying to use 
konqueror (4.1.0) it fails. I have followed the procedure described by Kevin 
last year:

http://www.mailinglistarchive.com/fedora-devel-list redhat com/msg26818.html

The error message is (the same happens for https FWIW):

The requested operation could not be completed
Connection to Server Refused
Details of the Request:
URL: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/login
Protocol: http
Date and Time: Friday 22 August 2008 20:08
Additional Information: koji.fedoraproject.org: SSL negotiation failed
The server koji.fedoraproject.org refused to allow this computer to make a 

José Abílio

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