Hats off to the RH Fedora guys

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Sun Aug 24 06:53:21 UTC 2008

Tim Burke wrote:
> Dear Fedorans,
> There's an old expression: When the going gets tough; the tough get going.
> The hardcore Fedora guys here at RH have been as tough, determined, 
> hard-working and resilient as I have ever seen.  It is a privilege to 
> work among them.  They didn't ask for a week of grief. They didn't 
> deserve a week of grief.  This burden was inflicted on them through no 
> fault of their own. Through it all they have risen to the occasion and 
> gone well beyond.  In addition, they have at all times had the interests 
> and spirit of the community front and center.
> Because this is an ongoing investigation I am unable to articulate their 
> individual heroics in detail.  If you have been lucky enough to meet any 
> of them at Fudcon, OLS, a local LUG meeting or online, you know who I'm 
> talking about. You know the magic they perform.  We at Red Hat are proud 
> of every one of them. We stand behind them shoulder to shoulder 100%.
> Inside the walls of Red Hat, the word "heroes" has almost never been 
> used.  Glad we saved it for these guys.
> In deep admiration
> Tim Burke, Director Linux Development ,


This gets a big +1 from me. Even before the unfortunate events of the last few 
weeks the infrastructure team has been doing an amzing job. A big thanks to you 

I've especially grown to appreciate all the infra work after being involved in 
trying to duplicate the infra for a 3th pary repository. After this humbling 
experience I cannot express how happy I'm with the Fedora infrastructure!!



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