Debugging network scripts (from udev and explicit ifup invocation)

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Thu Aug 28 04:08:42 UTC 2008

Is there a way to get the network script invocations to get logged
somewhere? Something like /etc/sysconfig/network supporting

Jerry got me started with some good network configuration scripts for
the funky network setup of the XS. Not all things work 100%, but I'm
not sure where are things going wrong. Being able to trace them would
be fantastic. (And a huge help in learning more about the network
infra. Is there a "how it fits together" doc somewhere?)

Using bash -x from the cli helps somewhat, though some things only
misbehave under udev. Or under udev on initial boot. So a global
logging knob would help... if it exists! Any tricks or nasty hacks
welcome too.

(What's wrong? br0 is not brought up automatically even though
ifup-local should trigger it. And after some minor edits and a reboot,
misteriously wlan0 and msh0 stopped auto-ifup'ing.)


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