Updates being pushed?

nodata lsof at nodata.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 19:19:02 UTC 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 28.08.2008, 11:52 -0700 schrieb Jesse Keating:
> On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 14:47 -0400, Alan Dunn wrote:
> > Not to be a complainer, but are Bodhi updates being pushed again after
> > the other week's events? Or is something still wrong/not yet checked
> > with that part of the infrastructure? The queue seems to be as deep as
> > I've ever seen it so far. Just curious...
> > 
> > - Alan
> > 
> As part of the recover from the last few weeks' events, we have to
> introduce a new set of signing keys into Fedora.  I'm currently
> re-signing all of the 8 and 9 content with these new keys so that we can
> make them available along with the new updates with the new key for
> these product lines.  This is going to take some time due to the nature
> of how our signing works.  It's also taken some times to hash out a good
> migration plan for users and start working on the documentation and the
> bits and pieces to make this happen.  Expect to hear more about this in
> the next day or three.

Can I ask if there will be a plan for how to push a critical package
update out to users if this was to happen again?

By this I mean, package X has a critical security hole at the time of an
infrastructure problem.

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