Feature proposal: New, Standard Documentation System

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Mon Dec 1 01:42:09 UTC 2008

Trond Danielsen wrote:
> Last time I checked both man and info pages are available though the
> gnome yelp browser. That already provide a convenient and searchable
> interface for both experienced and inexperienced users.
> --
> Trond Danielsen
While yelp is a nice tool, it lacks in the lightweight department. It 
eats 40 megs of RAM upon startup and more RAM once searching occurs or 
pages are opened. Sure, we're all getting gigabytes of RAM these days, 
but it's a HELP tool with TEXT.

yelp may provide a cross-help platform, but it isn't highly known about 
or advertised. Many users still use "man foo" in terminals or Google search.

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