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Server SIG - work areas


it has been some time when the Server SIG was announced. And one goal
has been already almost accomplished - to start discussion about the
needs of the server community. For "Server" specific issues I have
opened our own mailing list - subscribe at

One question raised during the discussions was "what is a server" and
the answer can be simple. The server is a combination of bootloader,
kernel and "the server", where "the server" can be a file server, web
server, database server, application server, etc. It is quite common to
have just one service running per hardware (both physical and virtual).
But a mix of running servers is also possible :-)

There are miscellaneous goals written on the wiki page, so it is time to
get them a little bit organized and to divide the work into more
specific areas. And they are here:

 - work with the anaconda team to keep anaconda suitable for server
installs (text mode, kickstarts, ...)
 - create a lightweight installer/bootstraper

Server services
 - bring more server packages into Fedora
 - encourage creation of EPEL branches for existing packages

 - everything about the kernel side of servers

Admins corner
 - place for administration and monitoring technologies available in
 - collects pointers to how-tos and other docs useful for administrators
 - work on the TUI counterparts of GUI system-config-* tools, should go
in hand with the backend/frontend separation

 - improve/monitor the security standards for current server software
 - help the desktop developers with the security aspects of their work

 - testing

If there are no objections I will update the wiki accordingly and
participants can then put their names/nicks to their area of interest.


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