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Re: My (unpleasant) fedora 10 installation experience

On 12/01/2008 06:08 PM, Pierre-Yves wrote:
>> insane. Is it that common to have non-english login names and
>> passwords, really?
> Actually I can answer to that one: Yes it is ! :)

I'm talking about the account names, not the geckos. As far as I know it is not
allowed to have anything except english low case letters and numbers as an
account name. On the system I'm recovering now even

adduser -m пупкин

says "useradd: invalid user name 'пупкин'".

> About the installation I also saved my /home while I switched to Fedora
> 10 from Fedora 9.
> On the partition screen I said this partition is my /home and on the
> firstboot I said I want to create user foo. I had a nice popup saying
> that user "foo" already has a /home folder do you want to use it, or do
> you want a new one ?"

In my case /home had severe file system errors, it should not be mounted in
read/write without accurate manual fixing, so I had an empty (unmounted) /home

> Dunno if that can help you...

I'm not looking for help, I'm trying to raise a discussion about insane default
assumptions made by installer for a fresh fedora 10 system.


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