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Re: My (unpleasant) fedora 10 installation experience

On 12/01/2008 06:27 PM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le Lun 1 décembre 2008 15:41, Lev Shamardin a écrit :
>> It really seems to me that these layout
>> defaults are
>> insane. Is it that common to have non-english login names and
>> passwords, really?
> Many non-us layouts include latin keys so they don't need a us layout
> to type english. It's only countries that do not use the latin script
> for their own language which have problems.

Well, at least Fedora 5 - 9 in the described case allowed switching of the input
layout with one of the default shortcuts, but you still had to guess which
default shortcut to use. And now not only this old feature is broken, but even
new features are not working as advertised.

> This is all a result of more complete system and gui integration,
> which exposes all the missing/semi-working bits system side. When
> there was little integration xorg could have totally different
> settings and people didn't care non-xorg console was an i18n mess.

Er... So what? Can't get your point. I'm talking about the xorg gdm login
screen, fortunately the non-xorg console still has a great vanilla english (US)
input without any chances to switch to russian layout without manual messing
with extra configuration files.

And by the way, the graphical root gnome session has the English (US) default


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