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Re: Status of driver ov511 based cameras

On Sat, 2008-11-29 at 15:53 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> > There are two drivers for those cameras:
> > 
> > -the 1.x driver who is in the kernel and is basically useless since the
> > only OV511 cameras who are not by today standards as obsolete as a 20
> > Mhz 386 don't work with it.
> > 
> > -the 2.x driver at alpha.dyndns.com/ov511.  This is the only one who
> > works with
> > the late models who used this chip (and the ones who are still useful).
> > Probelm is that the author has not updated its site in two years and
> > that it no longer compiles with present day kernel.  I fixed it for
> > 2.6.16 kernels and sent the patches to the author but got no answer.
> > And kernel 2.6.24 (I think) broke it again (or more exactly made it
> > no longer compile).
> > 
> > Question if I fix it again what are the chances it ends in Fedora?   How
> > are orphaned drivers handled in the kernel?  Someone, who doesn't seem
> > to be the original author, has been ensuring the 1.x continues compiling
> > in 2.6.27 despite the changes in interface.
> > 
> > JF Martinez
> > 
> > 
> Hi JF,
> Most webcam based driver development now a days happens within / on top of the 
> gspcav2 framework, which has been merged into the 2.6.27 kernel. gspcav2 
> already supports ov519 based cams, adding support to the existing driver for 
> ov518 based cams should be easy, as those are mostly the same. The big 
> difference is that ov518 based cams use a slightly non standard form of JPEG 
> compression one of the first things that need doing is adding support for this 
> compression to libv4l.
> Would you be interested in working on this? Here are some references explaining 
> how to get the latest gspca driver, and about the why, how and what of libv4l
> http://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/6630.html
> http://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/6317.html
> http://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/3636.html

Yes but I am no C programmer.  In case you thought that because I fixed
the OV511 I was one  the fixng I did was cosmetic (changing includes,
things who had been renamed).  

However I will se what I can do and to begin with I can test.

> You can get the latest libv4l here:
> http://people.atrpms.net/~hdegoede/libv4l-0.5.6.tar.gz
> Regards,
> Hans

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