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Re: How to pack cron jobs?

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 11:18:50PM +0300, Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote:
> I can't find any mention of cron.d in man of crond.
> $ rpm -q cronie
> cronie-1.0-7.fc9.i386

      Cron is  checking  those  files  or  directories:  /etc/crontab system
      crontab   is  usually  for  running  daily,  weekly,  monthly jobs.
      /etc/cron.d/ where are system cronjobs stored for  different users.
      /var/spool/cron that’s mean spool directory for user crontables.

> Furthermore, as mentioned above, fcron will does the same in short time.

Not really done reliably already ;-). But indeed, soon.

>> Not in the main package.
> Not in main package? Is there any subpackage of crontab in Fedora??
> $ repoquery 'crontab*'
> crontabs-0:1.10-19.fc9.noarch
> Or you suppose create new one?

That's not what I meant. I meant the main cronie and fcron packages
should not require crontabs.

> Off course. What to obstruct the create another one to replace fedora  
> variant? Do not see any problem there.

I mean not have /etc/crontab from a package but rather do it by
hand. In fact it is a dependency of fcron-watch-config, so with fcron it
is not really possible to have a hand made /etc/crontab out of a


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