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mono-winforms requires libgdiplus-devel

$ rpm -qR mono-winforms | grep ^lib

Sorry, this is inacceptable. -devel packages ought to stay optional.
Not only does this break rpmdev-rmdevelrpms,

    $ sudo rpmdev-rmdevelrpms -y
    ...whose removal would cause unresolved dependencies:
      mono-winforms-2.0.1-12.fc10 requires libgdiplus-devel
    Not removed due to dependencies.

and it also pulls in pkg-config and leads to broken pkg-config deps:

    $ cat /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libgdiplus.pc | grep Req
    Requires: glib-2.0 gmodule-2.0 gthread-2.0

Looking at mono.spec, the file doesn't explain this. With luck I found
this F8 ticket:

    missing link ln -s libgdiplus.so.0.0.0 libgdiplus.so

Is that the reason for the unusual "Requires" of a -devel pkg?
Do you only need the libgdiplus.so link?

Can't mono-winforms be patched to accept libgdiplus.so.0 instead?

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