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Quick sed question


I'm about to rebuild mono-2.x with Mike's patch for libgdiplus but would
like to know what the following sed line means (it's caused a problem
with building for x86_64 mono)


what does the ,g do?

The reason I'm asking is that in order to get things to build with mono
easier (and causing fewer upgrade hassles in trying to find *every* use
of /usr/lib rather than %{_libdir}), I've started to use a find-all sed
script. Unfortunately, on x86_64, this is giving me /usr/lib6464 and I'm
wondering if the ,g has anything to do with the replication of the the
64 (I doubt it has).

The script works fine in other mono-based applications, so I'm trying to
find why mono would act in such a way.

The script is as follows

find . -name Makefile.in -or -name Makefile.am -or -name \*.pc.in \
       -or -name \*.in -or -name \*.make \
       | while read f ;
           sed -i -e 's!$(prefix)/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f" 
           sed -i -e 's! prefix@/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!/usr/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!${prefix}/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!${exec_prefix}/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f" 
           sed -i -e 's!${prefix}/@reloc_libdir !%{_libdir}!' "$f";


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