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Re: Server SIG - work areas

On 01.12.2008 15:02, Dan Horák wrote:
Admins corner
 - work on the TUI counterparts of GUI system-config-* tools, should go
in hand with the backend/frontend separation

Just thinking aloud: By "TUI" you mean command line apps with a interactive, ncurses-like interface?

Are those really worth the work? I for one (and a lot of other linux users I know) either use graphical configuration Tools (with or without remote forwarding) or (if there is no graphical environment or in scripts) simple command line configuration tools (without an interactive interface) -- I doubt a third way in the middle (and a second one for text mode configuration) makes much sense. Improving some of the command line configuration tools (those without an interactive interface) OTOH might.

But well, maybe that just my odd point of view.


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