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Re: Status of libtool 2.2.X?

On Wed, 03 Dec 2008 18:33:43 +0100 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Ed Hill wrote:
> >  + CMake -- have tried it a bit and have run into problems
> >    (e.g., multi-job builds failing with frustraing race conditions)
> >    with the setups created by others -- but it may be that its not
> >    the tool per-se just the use of it
> As far as I know, race conditions with parallel make are all due to
> some missing dependencies in custom targets. If you use custom
> targets, you are responsible for getting the dependencies right, just
> as in a handwritten makefile. That's the drawback of custom targets.
> But they are essential for extensibility. Automake supports them too
> (and there too, there are plenty of packages getting the dependencies
> wrong). That's neither CMake's nor Automake's fault.

Hi Kevin,

Sure, I appreciate the point about poor use of the tools.

But getting back to the meatier issues -- can someone please point me

 + directions (and examples!) for using CMake for multi-language
   compiles and cross-langage linking (esp. C/C++ and Fortran)
 + creating shared libs for the above
 + manuals (and, if possible, "shining" examples) that describe best
   practices for non-trivial projects


Edward H. Hill III, PhD  |  ed eh3 com  |  http://eh3.com/

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