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Runlevels after F10 install

Not sure if this who to report this to or how to view it, but wanted
to share this experience.

I installed F10 x86_64 on a machine for work. I wanted a minimal X11
environment, so I opted to install just WindowMaker and no desktop
environment like Gnome. No errors occurred, install completed

On firstboot I was greeted with the text-mode setup utility to
configure firewall, networking, etc. I thought this odd, but went
with it. After completing setup, I was in run level 3. Checking I
realized no display manager were installed, nor was X. So I
installed both. 

Here are the issues. Doing a groupinstall for X did not prompt me 
for or change my default runlevel to 5. So I had to manually edit
/etc/inittab to set it to 5. That's when the other issue popped up:
no services were configured for runlevel 5. Networking, httpd, etc.
all shut down when things booted. X displayed during boot but, when
the system went to runlevel 5, everything else shut down.

Shouldn't installing X make runlevel 5 the default?

And, even if we don't install X, why should't services toggle their
runlevel 5 state?

Darryl L. Pierce, Sr. Software Engineer
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