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Re: Plan for tomorrows (20081203) FESCO meeting

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 12:38:05PM -0500, Jeremy Katz wrote:
>On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 17:40 +0100, Dan Horák wrote:
>> Josh Boyer píše v St 03. 12. 2008 v 11:05 -0500:
>> > On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 04:53:17PM +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> > > On 03.12.2008 16:39, Brian Pepple wrote:
>> > >> On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 10:20 -0500, Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> > >>> /topic FESCo meeting -- Secondary Arches: will they ever fly? (aka, 
>> > >>> wtf happened to Fedora ia64, and what can/should we do to resuscitate 
>> > >>> it).
>> > >> Added to the schedule.
>> > >
>> > > Wouldn't it be better to first discuss this on the list first?
>> > 
>> > Here's a brief summary as I know it:
>> > Maybe it's time we start a SIG.  We have Sparc, ia64, ARM, and one
>> > or two potential others.  The biggest hurdle is koji at the moment
>> > and hopefully that will be solved soon.  Then we can figure out where
>> > to go from there.
>> Work is being done on s390x too.
>Wasn't the idea that each arch should be its own SIG.  And it'd be

Sort of.

>really nice to see semi-regular updates from the various arches that are
>doing things on progress, either in the form of blog posts, mails to
>fedora-devel, smoke signals, carrier pigeons :-)

FESCo agreed on this today as well.  I'll be contacting the various
arch teams and asking them for monthly updates.

>While I know they're not all dead, status could help show up common
>blocking problems and get more people involved in helping to resolve

Right.  And the 'common problems' part is what I wanted to get with the
overall "Secondary Arch SIG".  I was envisioning a simple "have the
Arch team leads meet once in a while to discuss on-goings".  It doesn't
have to be formal.


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