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Re: Status of libtool 2.2.X?

On Thu December 4 2008, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Till Maas wrote:
> > The problem is, that the non verbose build mode hides, whether or not the
> > RPM_OPT_FLAGS are honoured, but it is required to honour them. Maybe
> > cmake needs a way to tell it to only show the compiler invocations, but
> > not the remaining stuff, that is shown with VERBOSE=1 and not useful.
> RPM_OPT_FLAGS are always honored when you use the %cmake or %cmake_kde4
> macros, unless the CMakeLists.txt does something really strange to CFLAGS.
> And really, checking that the RPM_OPT_FLAGS are used is something that
> should be done once during review and then it should just be the case.

This would be the case in an ideal world, but I have already seen a project 
that modified their autotools stuff to overwrite the CFLAGS 
unless --enable-maintainermode is passed to %configure (notice the small 
difference to --enable-maintainer-mode). Therefore I expect everything 
strange to happen at upstream. And this will probably also happen with cmake, 
once it is adapted by more projects.

With the complete commandline, it is pretty easy to check every now and then, 
whether the RPM_OPT_FLAGS are honoured. But with cmake, there seems to be 
more lines in between the gcc, than e.g. with autotools, where they often 
align pretty nice in a build.log.

Also does %cmake also make sure that -O3 / -s is not passed to gcc? Also it 
seems imposible to see, whether cmake uses "install -s" to install binaries 
or not.

Can %make maybe modified in a way, that it is possible to use something 
like "rpmbuild --without cmake_verbose" or add something to ones .rpmmacros 
file to enable/disable this for local/mock rebuilds? Then you would have the 
flexibility to get only the color/percentage output for your 
local/interactive builds. Maybe koji can also (be patched to) pass this to 
e.g. scratch builds, so you can have it there, too.


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