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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending November 23, 2007

I intended to add that FESCo targeted a list of merge reviews to get
done before F9; obviously those didn't get done, but there are some
tough packages like gcc and kernel on the list.  The tracker bug is

Folks are certainly welcome to pick off some of the tickets not yet
assigned from that list, or to go through and ping the ones that seem
to have stalled out.

It also occurred to me that the whole merge review list could use some
gardening, to make sure the current package owners are at least CC'd
on the tickets.  It is often the case that the traffic just isn't
getting to the person responsible for those packages.  Anyone at all
can do this; the simplest way seems to be to run an IRC client, open a
ticket with zodbot and ask it ".whoowns blah".

 - J<

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