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ANNOUNCE: New smock supports Koji chain building

I've just modified smock so that it can be used to work out a build
order suitable for chain building (in Koji), with maximum parallelism.
Just use smock in the normal way, but add the '--chain' option.

For example:

  smock.pl --arch=i386 --distro=fedora-10 --chain ocaml*/devel/*.src.rpm

prints ...

  make chain-build CHAIN="ocaml : ocaml-perl4caml ocaml-lablgl ocaml-findlib ocaml-cryptokit ocaml-camlp5 ocaml-camlidl : ocaml-lablgtk ocaml-SDL ocamldsort ocaml-zip ocaml-xml-light ocaml-ulex ocaml-type-conv ocaml-ssl ocaml-sqlite ocaml-res ocaml-postgresql ocaml-pcre ocaml-pa-monad ocaml-ounit ocaml-openin ocaml-omake ocaml-ocamlgraph ocaml-mysql ocaml-libvirt ocaml-lacaml ocaml-json-static ocaml-gsl ocaml-fileutils ocaml-facile ocaml-extlib ocaml-expat ocaml-deriving ocaml-dbus ocaml-curses ocaml-curl ocaml-camomile ocaml-calendar ocaml-bitstring ocaml-bisect ocaml-augeas ocaml-newt : ocaml-camlimages ocaml-cairo ocaml-sexplib ocaml-lwt ocaml-ocamlnet ocaml-mikmatch ocaml-cmigrep ocaml-reins ocaml-csv ocaml-gettext : ocaml-xmlrpc-light ocaml-pxp ocaml-json-wheel ocaml-pgocaml "

To get the latest version of smock, do:

  hg clone http://hg.et.redhat.com/misc/fedora-mingw--devel

and it is in the smock/ subdirectory.


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