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cpufreq module on x86_64

I've got a fresh F-10 install on a Core 2 Quad machine.  While looking
through dmesg output for a clue to another problem, I noticed this:

p4-clockmod: Warning: EST-capable CPU detected. The acpi-cpufreq
module offers voltage scaling in addition of frequency scaling. You
should use that instead of p4-clockmod, if possible.
p4-clockmod: Unknown p4-clockmod-capable CPU. Please send an e-mail to
<cpufreq vger kernel org>

(repeated 3 more times)

First I wondered why I was getting a cpufreq module loaded on a
desktop machine.  I guess I want to do something if the CPU
temperature gets too high, but it doesn't look like the default
configuration handles that case, does it?  Anyhow, I edited
/etc/sysconfig/cpuspeed to explicitly say:


On the next reboot, I had the same complaint in dmesg.  On a hunch, I
checked the output of lsmod; p4-clockmod isn't listed.  It does exist
as a module here:


So is it also compiled in?
Jerry James

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