Whodunnit? F10 install without permission

Robert Locke lists at ralii.com
Fri Dec 5 18:46:22 UTC 2008

Excuse the interruption, but I am trying to figure out who to bugzilla
this against...

This morning, shortly after logging in, three packages were installed
onto my machine without my knowledge/desire/permission.

The packages in question are: createrepo, anaconda-yum-plugins, and

This happened on a "fresh F10 install" from DVD done back on 28-Nov.  It
has been subsequently updated by hand (yum update) and had the rpmfusion
and livna repos added to it.  But little else has been "configured" from
defaults, in fact, I checked under System-Preferences-System-Software
Updates which has been set to the following (since it was my first time
in there):
Check for updates: Daily
Automatic install: Nothing
Check for major upgrades: Weekly
Both Display notifications are checked/on

So, what caused these three packages to be installed?  And, apparently I
am not alone since others have chimed in on fedora-list.

So, whodunnit?  :-)


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